Consultation and Supervision Group for Licensed Therapists, MFT Interns, LPCC Interns and ASWs

consultation group

  • Would you like to sharpen your skills and increase your capacity to be more present with your clients?
  • Would you like to build your private therapy practice and learn more about successful marketing?
  • Would you like to fine tune your personal therapeutic approach?
  • Do you wish to augment your community of trusted therapist colleagues?
  • Would you like a safe place to discuss difficult clients and counter-transference?
  • Are you an MFT Intern, LPCC Intern, or ASW who works at an agency that doesn’t provide you with clinical supervision for BBS hours towards licensure?

Then consider joining this Consult/Supervision group.  The group provides Interns with BBS hours towards licensure.

Group members and facilitator provide guidance and feedback on:

  • Processing counter-transference
  • Successful marketing and other private practice essentials
  • Incorporating eclectic therapeutic techniques while trusting your present moment intuition with your clients: exploring and using your own unique gifts with your clients
  • Facilitating therapy groups
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Couples therapy
  • Group therapy facilitation
  • Using mindfullness with clients

The group also views and discusses DVDs of “Master” therapists’ work.

Licensed therapists benefit from the fact that members have a wide range of experience in working with various specialty areas and service agencies, as well as in private practice settings.

Cost is $35 per session. I have offered these groups for over 8 years.  I also supervise MFT Interns in my private practice and have done so for over ten years.

I provide these groups when interest is sttrong enough.  Please email me if you and at least four other colleagues would like me to start another group.

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